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A Smarter Way to Reduce Carbon in Homes.

Plug-And-Play SaaS For Enhanced Design and Delivery of Energy Efficiency Programs

Planning & Delivery of residential carbon reduction programs

The current approach to reaching our Net Zero targets is not scaling.

The Missing Link

Transforming homeowner behavior on a massive scale is at the fulcrum point of how can scale up home retrofit conversions and meet our 2050 targets.

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Lightspark: Planning & Delivery Of Residential Carbon Reduction Programs​

Lightspark’s point of difference is the convergence of truly understanding how humans interact with complex workflows, and simplifying tasks and decisions to make that easier.

We do this with innovative ways of using data to reduce the steps in deciding on and acting on home improvements.

Advanced Program Design for Cities & Utilities

Carbon NavigatorTM

Using AI and machine learning we use 3D spatial building and proprietary data to provide comprehensive program design.

Lightspark Carbon Navigator

Advanced Program Design

Lightspark Carbon NavigatorTM

We Help Municipalities, Utilities and Banks Design Retrofit Programs Faster, with Better Data and a Higher ROI.

Lightspark Carbon Navigator
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Seamless Program Delivery

Lightspark EngageTM

Advanced digital renovation platform that uses AI to connect homeowners with advanced decision making tools to save carbon and energy.

Municipalities, utilities and banks use Engage to:

Sadhu Johnston is a thought leader on cities. He was the City Manager of Vancouver, BC for 6 years and oversaw the Greenest City Action Plan. Previously he was the Chief Environmental Officer of Chicago and Deputy Chief of Staff to Mayor Richard M. Daley where he led the development of the first climate action plan in a major North American city. Sadhu is a co-founder of the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN) and is on the board of the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI).

If we are really going to scale energy retrofits across North America, we need to use machine learning and AI to identify highest energy and carbon using buildings, develop retrofit programs, and support homeowners in making wise decisions. I’ve joined Lightspark as an advisor because their technology is best in class and can play a critical role in helping cities, utilities, homeowners, and others to reduce energy and carbon emissions in our existing buildings” Sadhu said. “We need to massively scale-up retrofits and use cutting-edge approaches – Lightspark will be key in doing that.

We help forward-looking insitutions accelerate towards a zero-carbon future.

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If you are in Calgary or Edmonton, check out our Lightspark Engage Pilot

Lightspark Inc. | Get Your Free Lightspark Energy Score!

Lightspark EngageTM

Save energy.
Save Money
improve comfort.
reduce carbon.

Lightspark Engage is a net-Zero concierge that connects everyone from cities, utilities, banks and trades people on a single unified platform.

Carbon NavigatorTM

We Help Cities Design Building Retrofit Programs Faster, with Better Data and a Higher ROI.

Lightspark Carbon Navigator

Our mission is to help program designers increase their ROI in planning and delivering retrofit programs with a goal of reducing carbon emissions across the United States.


Our clients include 19 cities, 1 utility provider and 1 major financial institution.

Our software helps them predict and validate carbon emissions in their customer’s homes.

Scotia Bank x Lightspark Inc.
Canadian Geographic x Lightspark Inc.
Alberta Ecotrust x Lightspark Inc.
Alberta Real Estate Foundation x Lightspark Inc.
BC Hydro x Lightspark Inc.
Toronto Hydro x Lightspark Inc.
City Of Vancouver x Lightspark Inc.
City Of London x Lightspark Inc.
City Of Kelowna x Lightspark Inc.
City Of Kingston x Lightspark Inc.
City Of Edmonton x Lightspark Inc.
City Of Burlington x Lightspark Inc.
SFU x Lightspark Inc.
Clean Air Partnership x Lightspark Inc.
CanmetENERGY x Lightspark Inc.
Town Of Huntsville x Lightspark Inc.

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