Nancy Wright, Former COO GLOBE Series, joins Lightspark Software Team


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Vancouver, British Columbia
June 1, 2020

Vancouver based Lightspark Software – developer of energy efficiency software and data services providing consumers, trade and utilities with better data to make energy efficiency decisions easier – announced today that Nancy Wright is joining their management team and advisory board.

“Lightspark takes a digital-centric approach to making energy efficiency easier, and we know the easiest way of reducing energy consumption, and in turn carbon emissions, is to use it more efficiently,” said Nancy Wright. “Lightspark’s team has taken their global digital experience with Fortune 500 companies and used it create a unique, user-friendly platform that can be considered a game-changer for consumers, empowering them to take action on climate change. I am looking forward to helping the management team connect with cities, utilities, and key government leaders to realize the potential of carbon and energy reduction with the Lightspark Platform.”

“Nancy has been a global leader in helping make the planet a more sustainable place through her years of experience with GLOBE Series, the world’s leading business sustainability event,” said James Riley, CEO of Lightspark. “Her experience, strategic thinking and her network will be of immense benefit to Lightspark and we are very excited to have her on board.”

Nancy Wright

Nancy Wright
Nancy has a passion for work that makes for a cleaner, greener planet. As Chief Operating Officer at GLOBE Series,she has spent 25 years building what has become the most famous brand of sustainable business conferences in the world. She has worn several hats, and met literally thousands of global thought leaders in both the public and private sector over the course of her career working to make the planet more sustainable. She has a broad knowledge of CSR and corporate environmental challenges, and many key energy, climate change, and green economy business issues.

About Lightspark

Lightspark’s Mission is to build a sustainable future by accelerating the engagement and ease of use of energy efficiency programs through an intelligent SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that makes energy efficiency choices easier. The integrated digital platform gives utilities tools to increase program success through better data to manage the effectiveness and reduce the cost of delivering energy efficiency programs, while increasing conversion and improving customer service scores. For consumers, it helps make sense of the benefits of energy efficiency, improves the ability to engage with these programs and helps accelerate cost reductions on their energy bill.

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