Canadian Geographic and Lightspark Partner to Reduce Carbon in Homes Across Canada


In The News:

June 14, 2022 – Vancouver, British Columbia and Ottawa, Ontario

Canadian Geographic and Lightspark Software announced today that they are partnering on CanGeo’s campaign to inspire homeowners across Canada to reduce carbon emissions in their homes. The campaign will reach out to engage CanGeo’s audience of 4.2 million readers/viewers per month. Lightspark Software is the official technology partner for the campaign and will provide a software platform for homeowners, teachers and students to learn how they can reduce their carbon footprints.

As citizens of the world, we recognize the very real risk of not meeting the climate risk of achieving a 2°C pathway. The residential sector in Canada accounts for 18.4 percent of our GHG emissions. Canadian Geographic’s campaign aims to bring together homeowners, teachers, students, climate leaders in the private sector, and various sponsors to accelerate the achievement of our net-zero goals. We do this by engaging homeowners and students with content and activities to understand how to more easily and effectively reduce carbon emissions in our homes, activities and daily life.

Lightspark is an innovative cleantech company that has a proven track record of developing tools and insights to help Canadians reduce their carbon and energy consumption, making their homes more comfortable while saving money. The Lightspark Efficiency Concierge provides a Home Energy Score for every homeowner, creating Canada’s first “digital home energy label” and providing a Home Energy Dashboard for every home. In addition, they have pioneered a “Digital Home Survey” that allows the homeowner to provide key information about their home to learn how they can reduce their carbon and energy consumption and costs, including finding the best incentives and loans to make that possible.

This groundbreaking program will launch in September 2022 and will tell the story of featured families across Canada as they work through challenges to reduce their carbon in their homes. The storytelling will teach Canadians about the importance and steps involved in a retrofit journey.

About Canadian Geographic
Canadian Geographic speaks to 4.2 million environmentally-sympathetic Canadians per month. Founded in 1929 to make Canada better known to Canadians and to the world, the charity provides free geographic educational materials to more than 26,000+ educators in K-12 schools across Canada. The charity has a strategic priority to advance a Healthier Planet and in concert with governments, non-governmental organizations, thought leaders and volunteers, the Society plays a vital role in educating Canadians about the impacts of climate change — and encouraging its audience to take action to advance solutions to it.

About Lightspark Software
Lightspark has over 12 years of experience developing tools, insights, software and marketing for energy efficiency outcomes. Lighstpark’s mission is to accelerate the transition to net-zero. We do this through providing a data-rich enabling platform that gives homeowners a carbon and energy home credit score and expert tools and recommendations to improve their home. Our vision is to be the world’s most compelling software service of the 21st century that creates a movement of smart home ownership towards a cleaner and smarter planet.

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