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Lightspark EngageTM

AI-driven renovation platform connecting homeowners to rebates, financing, trade and energy advisors. 

We help utilities, cities, and banks connect with their customers to meet energy and carbon reduction targets. 

Our EngageTM platform accelerates market transformation by providing a personalized engagement and roadmap for homeowners embarking on their retrofit journey.​

Our SaaS Platform helps Homeowners:

Understand Their Home Energy Score

Decision Assistance for Home Upgrades

Execute on Their Net Zero Renovation Roadmap

One Unified Platform

By bringing together homeowners, trades workers, energy advisors, and efficiency program managers in an all-in-one platform, Lightspark Engage can deliver market transformations to meet carbon targets faster, more efficiently, and with stronger investment returns.​

The platform uses a digital home label, the Lightspark Home Energy Score, as its operating principle.

Based on building and data science, the score can be seen on Lightspark’s Energy Map. Users can look up their Lightspark Scores and browse other properties using our accessible and intuitive map interface.

What You Get With Lightspark Engage

Lightspark Score

Lightspark Digital Home Audit

Compare Your Home to Your Neighbours

Recommendation Explorer

Rebate and Finance Applications

Trade Network

Data and Analytics Dashboard

Online Support



Using data science and geospatial modelling in the first stage using our Program Design Framework Software, we work with you to uncover opportunities and determine the current state of your building stock and calculating the carbon and energy savings potential.

This deep housing simulation approach helps you determine your carbon reduction goals and key home building models to consider.

2. Strategy

Using behavioural economics data combined with our deep housing simulation, we predict the market uptake and design the approach towards your technical, economic and achievable potential.

The result is a detailed Net Zero Program Design strategy to execute towards your targets. This strategy aligns with local, state, provincial and federal building code data.

3. Execution

Driven by by sophisticated digital marketing algorithms, consumers are targeted based on their housing type and provided personalized offers. They arrive at the “Lightspark Concierge” which gives consumers their home energy and carbon score.

Our digital home evaluation tools update their score and provide personalized bundled offers to help homeowners reduce their carbon and improve their home.

4. Reporting

We deliver detailed reports that communicate the ongoing progress of your Net Zero and Energy Efficiency Program Delivery.

This includes tracking the gaps between the predicted and actual needs of the market, conversion rates, and we help identify opportunities for further improvement to continue to engage internal and external stakeholders.

Advanced Program Design