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Lightspark Carbon Navigator: carbon-reduction platform

Who Uses Lightspark and Why?

Lightspark Carbon Navigator
Lightspark Carbon Navigator: carbon-reduction platform

If you’re a municipal government, utility or financial institution, Carbon Navigator is your plug-and-play solution to leverage building, behavioral economics, carbon and energy data to design an electrification program that helps your customers save money and reduce carbon

Lightspark Carbon & Energy Score

Benefits of Lightspark Carbon NavigatorTM

Build a Business Case for Funding

  • Simulate the feasibility of difference retrofit scenarios in communities depending on income strata and intent using our behavioral economic analysis.
  • Accelerate buy-in for programs for key stakeholders with a data and evidence-driven roadmap.
  • Understand the costs, energy and carbon savings and jobs created.

Make Your Money Go Further

  • Spend less budget on analysis and more on successfully delivering your program.
  • Identify quick-win buildings that meet your program goals.
  • Use our Carbon Navigator visualization tools to target key zip codes and communities and spend digital advertising dollars more effectively.

Leadership Through Action

  • Scale your program with better data and insights.
  • Utilize Lightspark Carbon Navigator AI to accelerate learnings with smart data models.
  • Utilize Lightspark Engage to go-to-market and demonstrate results with homeowners.

Our Data Metrics

1. Community Building Data

  • Total carbon and energy distribution used by dwellings in their current state
  • Building types and their “building-as-a-system” and their current technologies
  • Energy burdened households

2. Residential Building Data

  • Home Energy Model includes the types of homes and energy and carbon footprint 
  • Distribution of the different types of dwellings based on vintage, area and energy assets
  • Technical and economic potential per household type

3. Energy and Carbon Cost Data

  • $/GJ and $/GHG program savings potential 
  • Energy and carbon savings for building owners
  • Average $ costs savings for building owners

5. Budget Forecasting

  • Estimated program dollars required
  • Rebates and incentives required
  • Loan and financing required 
  • Estimated jobs created

4. Tax Savings

  • Carbon credit potential 
  • Tax savings potential

This enables city planners to:


Building carbon and energy ratings at the household and neighborhood level,

Identify and Evaluate

Opportunities for low-carbon buildings much more quickly and accurately.

Develop Strategies

To reduce carbon, track progress, and ultimately achieve goals much more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Execute and Deliver

Your go-to-market plan, including identifying financing and incentives for retrofit projects.

How It Works

Data-Driven Program Design

By using artificial intelligence to identify, analyze and unlock carbon in your residential building stock data, Lightspark’s program design platform can cut your go-to-market time in half. 

What Customers Are Saying

The most important step to get to our Net Zero targets is having an intelligent plan followed by big actions to transform the market and reach your targets