Forward thinking city leaders use Lightspark Carbon NavigatorTM to design building retrofit programs faster, with better data, and with stronger ROI.

Lightspark Carbon & Energy Score

21st Century Program Design

Lightspark Carbon NavigatorTM is a highly-innovative data platform for program design using a robust data model which includes a city’s energy consumption, behind-the-meter housing data and behavioral economics data.

Lightspark’s carbon reporting and insights are the authoritative carbon targets used in 17 cities reported to the Federal Government.

For a program designer, this data gives you an unprecedented geospatial data view of the building stock and its carbon impact.

These insights can better predict the program design for a city or utility energy efficiency and carbon reduction retrofit programs.

This comprehensive view of your community’s building stock gives you the ability to see the gap between the current state and the potential state of improved homes, and to understand the best areas to target in reducing carbon.

How It Works

Data-Driven Program Design

By using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify, analyze and unlock carbon in your residential building stock data, Lightspark’s Program Design platform can cut your go-to-market time in half. 

This enables city planners to:


building carbon and energy ratings at the household and neighborhood level

Identify & Evaluate

opportunities for low-carbon rebuilding improvements, much more quickly and accurately

Develop strategies

to reduce carbon, track progress, and ultimately achieve goals much more efficiently and cost-effectively

Execute & Deliver

your go-to-market plan, including identifying financing and incentives for retrofit projects

The most important step to get to our Net Zero targets is having an intelligent plan followed by big actions to transform the market and reach your targets

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