About Lightspark

Our mission is to build a sustainable future by accelerating the engagement and ease of use of energy efficiency programs through our data-rich software-as-a-service platform that makes energy efficiency choices easier.

At Lightspark, we're solving important problems for our communities, our business clients and the planet with smart people who share our passion to change the world. Our culture starts from a place of curiousity, rigour and innovation. We are based in the beautiful locale of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our workplace is inclusive and a place where a wide range of amazing humans can work together collaboratively to produce meaningful work.

Current Opportunities

VP, Product

Lightspark is seeking an experienced product manager. You have previous experience working in a data-driven product management role, either as an intermediate product manager or a product manager in a SaaS business.

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Front End Developer

We are looking for someone with good working knowledge and understanding of Web UX design and security principles and proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and how to resolve them.

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Back End Developer

We are looking for someone experienced in all aspects of back-end server programming systems including design and analysis, coding, testing, debugging, deployment and maintenance.

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Database Engineer

We receive data from a wide variety of providers and sources, including open data portals, government agencies and third parties. The data may come as PDF documents, an API or as csv dumps from another database. We are looking for data engineers to join a team willing to take this task on and explore the possibilities these data sources provide.

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