Our Mission

Lightspark’s Mission is to help building owners, energy efficiency professionals and brands achieve a building's highest energy efficiency potential.

We do this by using big data, machine learning and advanced design thinking to provide better predictive building and behavioural data for utilities, cities and energy efficiency agencies for program design. From there we provide a powerful set of applications that accelerates the market transformation of technologies that reduce carbon, save money for consumers and make buildings more liveable.

Our Team

James Riley, Founder

James is a software entrepreneur with a passion for energy efficiency. After spending several years providing marketing, CRM and digital strategy for recognized brands like NFL, Dove, Diageo, Disney, NBC, Microsoft and others, he started his own digital agency in 2010 and began working with BC Hydro, Efficiency Nova Scotia, Efficiency Alberta, SaskPower and City of Vancouver. By using digital strategies and platforms to better reach business objectives, he helped his clients create efficiencies and reduce the costs of running complex energy efficiency programs. James created Lightspark in 2017 because he wanted to build a product platform that streamlines energy efficiency benefits for consumers, trades, utilities, and policy makers and makes it easier to deliver the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency.

Nancy Wright, Client Strategy and Government Relations

Nancy has a passion for work that makes for a cleaner, greener planet. As Chief Operating Officer at the GLOBE Series, she has spent 25 years building what has become the most famous brand of sustainable business conferences in the world. She has worn several hats, and met literally thousands of global leaders in both the public and private sector over the course of her career working to make the planet more sustainable. She has a broad knowledge of CSR and corporate environmental challenges, as well as many important issues that inform energy, climate change, and the green economy.

Luke Evans, Technologist

Luke is Lightspark’s Senior Technology Advisor. In the past, he has worked as the Chief Scientist and Researcher for Business Objects, where he pioneered a sequence of technologies and products that were successfully developed into commercial products from the internal incubator. He has been the CTO of data companies Stytch and Indicee, and was Chief Scientist and CTO at Dun and Bradstreet. Luke founded the Business Objects Academic Research Center (ARC), building relationships and investing in collaborative research projects with academia in North America and Europe. Luke is the inventor of several US patents related to data access and visual composition.

Sunil Kumar Bandaru, Senior Software Architect

Sunil is Lightspark’s Software Solutions Architect, and he has more than 16 years of application development experience as well as a strong background developing custom applications in various industries. He has strong domain knowledge in energy, banking, and the Internet of Things, and he has developed GIS applications for a number of clients. He has also designed and developed data analytic products, custom systems, and integration solutions, and has extensive expertise in agile delivery methodologies, enterprise IT architecture, cloud architecture, and big-data analytics solutions.

Advisory, Building Science, Energy Efficiency

Andy Oding is a management executive who brings a wealth of expertise to building performance, building science and energy modelling. He has been a leader across several boards including the Canadian Home Builders Association, ASHRAE 90.2 Energy Standard, Committee on Energy Efficiency Housing and Building, National Building Code and others. He has and his team are strategic partners to Lightspark's projects with utilities and cities across Canada and the United States

Praveen Gupta, Business, Operations and Finance

Praveen Gupta is a management executive bringing over 25 years of strategy, operations, finance and transactional experience for SaaS technology companies. Under Praveen’s leadership, companies have seen exponential growth. He has lead successful turnarounds, scaled up and rightsized companies, led M&A's - buy and sell side, raised over $100 million in venture capital, negotiated multi million-dollar customer agreements, and executed offshore strategies.

Mark Cunningham, Business and Data Strategy

Mark is an entrepreneur and investor with more than 25 years experience in the business intelligence (BI) industry. He has built five successful start-ups, four of which were focused on pure business intelligence/analytics, including Indicee and Crystal Decisions. Mark’s passion for solving data problems with technology began in 1991, when his family business began building the world’s first Windows-based reporting tool, Crystal Reports. Crystal grew to over 2,000 employees and was eventually acquired by Business Objects for $820M. Mark later founded the cloud BI company Indicee, which was acquired by Dun & Bradstreet in 2014 and became the Dun & Bradstreet Cloud Innovation Center.

Keith Spencer, Legal Affairs

Keith Spencer is a leading information technology lawyer in British Columbia. Keith’s passion for the technology sector was cultivated early in his legal career, when he worked as in-house counsel for both the Vancouver-based Wireless Data Group of Motorola and D-Wave Systems. A member of various boards and advisory committees, Keith plays a significant role in a number of early stage and emerging technology companies and technology industry associations. Lecturing on technology and intellectual property law is another passion of Keith’s, and he can be found doing that at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia as well as various CLE BC and IT industry conferences. He also writes articles in the areas of computer and information technology, outsourcing, e-commerce, and intellectual property law.

Karri Schuermans, Communications and Strategy

Karri is an entrepreneur and innovator in the sustainability and cleantech sector, and serves as a board member for the Vancouver Economic Commission and as the Project Director for the Greater Vancouver Innovation Capital project. She has extensive experience in marketing, publishing, tourism and fashion, and owns and operates one of Vancouver’s top-rated restaurants, Chambar, as well as co-founding the sister businesses Cafe Medina and The Dirty Apron Cooking School. Prior to coming back to Vancouver she worked with the City of Sydney, where in addition to managing international film media for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games she helped promote and build its brandy as the business capital of the Asia Pacific region.

Peter Love, Energy Efficiency Strategy

Peter Love is an experienced and well recognized leader in energy efficiency and is a respected environmental leader. Over the course of his career he has played a leading role in fifteen corporate and non-profit boards, and his current appointments include being the founding member of the board of Energy Efficiency Alberta, volunteer president of the 165 year old Royal Canadian Institute for Science, and founding director of Rethink Sustainability Initiatives. In 2005, Peter was appointed Ontario’s first Chief Energy Conservation Officer with the Ontario Power Authority, where his focus was on providing leadership in electricity conservation and advancing a Culture of Conservation in Ontario. He has also served as Chair of Toronto District 2030 Advisory Committee, Chair of Ontario Climate Consortium Governing Council, and Fortis BC’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Advisory Group.

What's in a Logo?

Lightspark Logo

Lightspark as a brand is about the relationship between ideas and movements, using powerful digital technology and interactive engagement.

Our logo-mark is inspired and aligned to meet the goals of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with each colour of our mark.

U.N. No Poverty

Reducing the cost of energy (energy burden) contributes to a reduction in overall poverty.

U.N. Good Health and Well-being

Energy efficient and renewable technologies can help increase the occupant’s health and well-being.

U.N. Affordable and Clean Energy

The primary goal of energy efficiency programs is to help consumers save money, and create more clean energy.

U.N. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Through achieving its mission, Lightspark will contribute to more sustainable cities and communities.

U.N. Climate Action

When a building owner creates a project using our platform, they will be taking positive steps towards climate action.

Partnerships for the Goals

We understand that in order to achieve success, partnerships are a critical element.