Opportunity Mapping

In order to go beyond the limits of energy potential studies, Lightspark evaluates data from over 25 sources so it can provide some of the most detailed community and city energy intensity analysis to date. Its goal? Helping you more accurately target potential energy saving investments at the building and homeowner level.

By using things like geospatial building modelling, machine-learning and behavioural economics, Lightspark can give your city the ability to see energy and carbon savings with much greater clarity — and ultimately reduce energy and carbon intensity. As a result, we can help you predict the best target candidates for your programs, whether that’s a low income or median income home improvement program.

Learn more about our data solutions and the energy efficiency potential that comes from combining the built environment with behavioural economics.

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Digital Home Energy Label Platform

Lightspark’s Home Energy Label SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Platform brings together homeowners, trades, auditors and efficiency program managers all in one place. By using our proprietary Digital Home Energy Label, which was developed using methodologies consistent with building code standards and federal building modelling, we can help everyone reach their goals more easily and effectively.

“Simplify decision-making for consumers, and turn something that takes week into minutes.”

The tool reduces the time it takes to understand the benefits of energy efficiency programs. By using a powerful recommendation and configuration engine, it provides homeowners with estimated energy savings, expected incentives, personalized recommendations and other key benefits.

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Senior Advisor, Residential Energy Efficiency Program Design

Lightspark is seeking a senior advisor for residential energy efficiency program design.

Data Scientist

We are looking for an experienced data scientist who wants their work to make a difference. A person who is driven by finding the connected dots between vast amounts of data to help us make smarter decisions to deliver better products.

Senior UX/UI Designer

Lightspark is seeking a Senior UX/ UI Designer to help us develop a sustainability platform.

VP, Product

Lightspark is seeking an experienced product manager. You have previous experience working in a data-driven product management role, either as an intermediate product manager or a product manager in a SaaS business.

Back End Developer

We are looking for someone experienced in all aspects of back-end server programming systems including design and analysis, coding, testing, debugging, deployment and maintenance.

Front End Developer

We are looking for someone with good working knowledge and understanding of Web UX design and security principles and proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and how to resolve them.