Lightspark is a cleantech software company that helps financial instutions, cities and utilities connect to homeowners through providing a data-rich enabling platform that makes energy efficiency choices easier for homeowners. Our software is in use in over 12 cities across Canada and maps the carbon and energy intensity in a community while providing a consumer-driven application that connects homeowners to energy advisors, trades and financing.

Lightspark Program Design Framework

Lightspark has built a highly-innovative data platform for program design using a robust data model which includes a city’s energy consumption, behind-the-meter housing data and behavioural economics data. For a program designer, this data gives you an unprecedented geospatial data view that can better predict the program design for a city or utility energy efficiency and carbon reduction retrofit programs. This comprehensive view of your community’s building stock gives you the ability to see the gap between the current state and the potential state of improved homes, and to understand the barriers to encourage consumers to take action on these programs. The data methodology includes costing estimates for the assets to be upgraded and the labour cost, in addition to calculations on payback period scenarios for the consumer to plan incentives for each measure. The result is a program design software that reduces your administration and planning, and helps target your marketing dollars to predict outcomes with greater accuracy and conversions.

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Lightspark Efficiency Concierge

The Lightspark Concierge is a one-stop-shop SaaS platform (software-as-a-service) that accelerates market transformation by bringing together homeowners, trades, auditors and efficiency-program managers all-in-one digital platform. It allows you to stack federal, state, provincial and local incentives and financing offers, providing the maximum benefit to consumers.

The system is organized around the principle of a digital Home Energy Scoring system, which was developed using methodologies consistent with building code standards and globally accepted building science modelling. Features also include a digital audit, trade and energy advisor network, project toolkits and rebate processing capabilities for trade and consumers.

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Full Stack Developer

You have a passion for putting your skills towards solving complex problems, working well with teams, and fighting hard to meet deadlines and build great products.

VP Global Business Development

Lightspark is seeking a Vice-President of Business Development to lead a national team in pursuit of new business opportunities for our Program Design & Implementation team.

Senior Director, Residential Energy Efficiency Program Design

Lightspark is seeking a senior director for residential energy efficiency program design.

Data Scientist

We are looking for an experienced data scientist who wants their work to make a difference. A person who is driven by finding the connected dots between vast amounts of data to help us make smarter decisions to deliver better products.

Senior UX/UI Designer

Lightspark is seeking a Senior UX/ UI Designer to help us develop a sustainability platform.

VP, Product

Lightspark is seeking an experienced product manager. You have previous experience working in a data-driven product management role, either as an intermediate product manager or a product manager in a SaaS business.