Residential Energy Mapping

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” ~Peter F. Drucker

The Lightspark Baseline and Potential Mapping Solution evaluates 72 data-points per dwelling, from over 12 data sources for your city, to provide some of the most granular and detailed insights on your dwelling stock to date. An industry first, using geospatial mapping, building modelling science and data science techniques, Lightspark maps the carbon and energy intensity of the residential building stock to provide a baseline assessment of a community’s housing stock and energy-upgrade potential.

In addition, the Lightspark building and data science methodology provides an accurate current-state prediction of the building energy model of each home at the parcel level, including an estimate of the heating and cooling, envelope and air-tightness of each building. Mapping this against energy efficiency standards, our analysis provides you with a high-level estimate of the potential uptake for home-efficiency upgrades, including the number of anticipated projects, level of investment, and GHG and energy savings. This valuable data allows us to help you develop a detailed analysis of how financing can address your program needs.

Why is this a critically important first step for planning and executing energy retrofit programs? Because, to date, carbon prediction using current methods of data access has only been at the provincial, state or municipal level for most cities. Lightspark gives your city a bottom-up view of its carbon footprint, providing you with valuable data and actionable insights to meet your carbon targets.

Lightspark Program Design Framework

Taking our baseline analysis a step deeper, the Lightspark Program Design Solution can help you plan your energy efficiency programs with unprecedented access to data and marketing expertise. Our program design solutions can predict the uptake rates of energy efficiency programs and loan and incentive required through a payback-period analysis. In addition, we can help measure green-job creation - by analyzing key demographic and psychographic data for residential homeowners.

Our team has a deep background in energy efficiency and digital marketing intelligence. Our program design solutions are rooted in real data and a deep understanding of building models and marketing intelligence to help you predict and then accurately measure program success.

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Lightspark Efficiency Platform

Lightspark’s Efficiency Platform (SaaS or Software-as-a-Service) accelerates market transformation by bringing together homeowners, trades, auditors and efficiency-program managers all in one digital platform. Through years of digital leadership in the energy-efficiency space, Lightspark has developed a cost-effective and lightweight digital platform that makes program workflows more efficient between use cases such asmunicipal planners, homeowners and trade.

The system is organized around the principle of a digital Home Energy Scoring system, which was developed using methodologies consistent with building code standards and federal building modelling. This scoring architecture allows each user of the system to reach their goals more easily, simplifying decision-making for consumers and transforming the understanding of complex energy-efficiency programs from something that takes weeks into minutes.

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